The Saguaro Ecology Club

  • Aravaipa Canyon Tributary
    March 1972
  • Super Power Dinner
    Phoenix, Arizona, 2006
  • Horse Camp Canyon
    March 1973
  • Bob Leap
    Nameless Canyon, January 1973
  • West Clear Creek Reunion Hike
    May 2007
  • Chevlon Canyon Camp Site
    June 1972
  • Imperial National Wildlife Refuge
    January, 1972
  • West Clear Creek Reunion Hike
    Ascending the Maxwell Trail
  • Tuweep National Monument
    Relaxing on the overlook
  • Aravaipa Reunion Hike
    May, 2010

From 1971-1973 I was a member of the Saguaro High School Ecology Club, sponsored  by Beverly Byrd and Dennis Stadle. During the 1972-1973 school year I was club president.

The Club was involved in numerous conservation and environmental preservation activities in the Southwestern U.S. and in Arizona particular. We attended meetings and public hearings on the most important environmental issues of the day. Many of us spoke at these hearings, distributed flyers and posters, and worked directly and indirectly with many established and newly forming environmental organizations. We submitted official position statements and we dialoged with public officials and bureaucrats at many federal, state, and local agencies. By late 1971 and early 1972, the Club had become most interested in wilderness preservation.

We developed a wonderful working relationship with Peggy Spaw, then the Southwest Representative of the Wilderness Society. Many of us came to look upon her as a mentor.

We are not getting any younger, of course, and we prefer to flatter ourselves by thinking it would be a good idea to commit our experiences and memories to digital immortality in cyberspace. These pages are intended to preserve and organize these experiences for personal enjoyment (as we are now scattered throughout North America), and to serve as a resource for understanding (or, possibly, confusion) for those who might follow.