Images of the Southwest: 1972-1973

During my time with the Saguaro Ecology Club I took hundreds, maybe thousands of slides with my Ricoh SLR. Only a few have survived. Here are most of them (dates are given as the development date on the slide mount (Agfa or Kodak). I include images from 16 trips to various locations in the western U.S. from early 1972 to fall 1973. Tom has many more carefully labeled and archived images and maybe one of these days we will be able to commit these to digital memory and upload them here.

Listed below are links to scanned copies of all of my Saguaro Ecology Club slides. The slides included here are all of the ones I can find, though they are only a fraction of the pictures I actually took.The time period covered is from January 1972 to late summer, 1973. I went off to Prescott College in August 1973.

The slides are dated and organized based on the date printed on the slide backing.

There is some uncertainty in dating the 1972 West Clear Creek slides and there were no dates printed on some of the slides.