U.S. Forest Service Roadless Area Studies


In the summer of 1972 the Saguaro Ecology Club embarked on an ambitious project to conduct evaluations of certain portions of Arizona National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands for the purpose of determining their suitability as designated wilderness areas.

With guidance from our mentor, Peggy Spaw, and the Wilderness Society we managed to visit four such areas during June-July, 1972. The results of our investigations were written up in brief reports and copies were forwarded to several citizen's organizations and the appropriate land management agencies.



West Clear Creek, June 9-11


Wet Beaver Creek, June 12-13


Kanab Creek, June 17-20


Chevelon Canyon, June 1-5, July 8-11


As of May, 2008, the first three are established, designated Wilderness Areas. We proudly take full credit.

We're still working on Chevelon Canyon, but 36 years later, the prognosis is not good. Too much private land, too much multiple use, too many evidences of us humans in the environment. We (the SEC) are (were) not to blame.

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