One of my first field trips with the Ecology Club. This one was to the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge in January or February 1972. The guy with the hat was U.S. Fish & Wildlife employee, Dave Riley, who guided us on this backcountry tour of the INWR.

The guy sitting in the right third of the image with the back of his head and back to the picture is Tom. Tom denies that his sense of style was, even at that young age and during that decidedly unstylish era, so poor that he would voluntarily wear a plaid jacket. But I have proof positive.

To the far right, wearing a head band, is Kevin. The young man and the slender young woman just to the right of center are also Ecology Club members, but we have no idea who they were. The woman holding the camera on the left side of the image is Alice Weir. She and everyone else was with the Maricopa Audubon Society.


Bob at Nameless Canyon doing his best imitation of a gibbon.

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